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Chriss Smith Jr.
a.k.a.“Quatro Duece”

A mobile, hostile and agile former Navy SEAL with decades of experience in the SEAL teams and other Special Operations units. Expertise in tactical communications, small unit tactics, combat/tactical marksmanship, weapons, anti-terrorism, defensive driving, combative training, digital collection systems, certified diving instructor, recognized writing and photographic talents.

Adventure athlete: recently competed "GODZone" Chapter 8 New Zealand, 650km adventure Race. “Primal Quest 2016” 465-mile 10-day adventure race, competed in the "Arrowhead 135” a 135-mile human sled pull race and numerous extreme endurance races.

What's Next: Eco-Challenge Fiji, Sept 2019, Team Onyx

Founder and Co-owner of Trident CrossFit in Alexandria, Va, one of the largest CrossFit gyms in the country. A Level-4 trainer, mentor, coach of over 650 athletes of all different athletic abilities and levels to include professionals, first responders, industrial athletes, military forces and life-long warrior-athletes. All with a common goal, to achieve peak physical and mental prowess and to reach their fullest potential. Chriss fully understands the relationship between total body fitness &mental toughness, and the roles they play in everyday life.

Chriss is a life Coach and mentor to dozens of people looking for a higher purpose to their lives. he is fit, funny and charming and winner of the hit television show “One Man Army” ep. 5, a competition series featured on Discovery Channel, which pits elite military, extreme sports and law enforcement operatives against one another.



MindSet Academy Daily Training Plan

The MindWOD is your daily training plan to forge and sharpen your mental toughness. MindWODincludes exercises such as meditation, cold showers, visualization, self-assessments, breathing exercises, readings, and journaling. Whether you’re looking to commit 5 (Base plan), 20 (Ascent plan), or 45 (Summit plan) minutes to your daily mental practice, MindWOD has a mental toughness training plan for you.

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MindSet Academy Online Programming

The ultimate online mental toughness strategies like mindfulness, positive self-talk, micro-goals, and stoicism:

Video-based library from special operators, endurance athletes, and Doctors describing how these strategies have allowed them to achieve optimal performance.

Learn the neuroscience and physiology behind each mental toughness strategy

Strategies that can be applied to reaching your potential in business, relationships, workouts, and challenges.

Training exercises that allow you to  sharpen your mind

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In-Person Training - Trident Mindset offers in-person training in the Washington DC metro area. This training includes crucible workouts, stress inoculation training, meditation retreats, leadership drills, and cold-water immersion experiences.

Personalized Consulting - For individuals and teams (whether corporate or athletic) looking to take their mental training to the next level, Trident Mindset offers personal consulting. One of Trident Mindset’s mental toughness experts can provide personalized in-person or over-the-phone advice. Clients can also receive individualized training plans or customized team-building experiences. 

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Key Note Speaking

For the past three decades, Navy SEAL inspirational speaker Chriss has been exploring and researching human development in his quest to discover and understand what enables individuals and teams to succeed in every environment imaginable.

What he’s discovered are some fundamental truths about people from all walks of life and will re-ignite that fire in their belly, quiet the negative chatter and turn up the volume of “The Inner winner."

If you’re looking to separate yourself or your team from the rest of the pack and seeking that competitive edge, then make the investment in The Trident Mindset.

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"Let’s all live inspired lives, and change the world!"

Tony Horton

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