Chriss Smith

Navy SEAL, Entrepreneur, Extreme Adventure athlete, Husband, Family Man & Dog Lover. I have the unique ability to relate to a broad spectrum of people in all walks of life.  It's not just about becoming a SEAL but also the journey once we leave the SEAL Teams.

Who is Chriss Smith?

I exist to find a Better Way to impact others and create solutions positively. How I do that is by Making Sense of seemingly complex situations and making them clear and understandable.  What makes me different?  I have a unique ability to Simplify challenges into solutions to continue forward momentum.


The Trident Mindset

Trident Mindset provides world-class mental toughness training. Mental toughness – the ability to perform optimally amidst any hardship, challenge, stress, pain, or fatigue – is required to reach one’s potential in all areas of life. Trident Mindset teaches students mental toughness so they can achieve their optimum mental, intellectual, physical, and emotional performance.

MindSet Academy

The Mindset Academy is the ultimate mental toughness training platform. Proven methods to build mental toughness and durability through videos, tutorials, readings, and workbooks via online and daily practice.  

Key Note Speaking

Chriss is a high energy, high impact keynote speaker that will entertain, inspire and help build you and your team.


Peak Performance

We all share a need for our minds and bodies to work at peak performance over long periods of time, while maintaining an unconquerable spirit and unwavering mental toughness.  With a Trident MindSet we share this passion and aspire to train you and your team... if you seek this way of life.


For individuals and teams (whether corporate or athletic) looking to take their mental training to the next level, Trident Mindset offers personal consulting. One of Trident Mindset’s mental toughness experts can provide personalized in-person or over-the-phone advice. Clients can also receive individualized training plans or customized team-building experiences. 

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